About Rev. Snow

As your wedding "officiate," we together work to choreograph a beautiful, wonderful, unity of love and commitment. Since this is YOUR wedding, it should include all the aspects of ceremony and celebration that are meaningful to you both. It can be sweet & simple, totally traditional, or as customized as you wish.

A consultation is set up with you ahead of time to discuss exactly what you want for your ceremony, how you would like it to read, as well as what traditions you would like to include. This consultation is usually in person, but can be done by telephone/e-mail if preferred. We will go over all the questions about who, what, where, when, and the hows of your perfect day. We will discuss persons participating in your ceremony and your ideas for where your wedding is going to be held as well as time and dates.

We will keep in contact throughout your planning in case you need to make changes to your plans.
Two weeks before the wedding I will send a copy of the entire wedding vows for review. I will send it by mail, fax, or e-mail. This gives you a chance to make sure the ceremony will include precisely all the things that are important to you both. If there are any changes to make, we will have plenty of time to take care of them.



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